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The map below shows the suitable areas to plant a treebelt for ammonia mitigation 5Km around protected sites (SAC and SSSI). This is based on i) how close your location is to a protected site, ii) the level of ammonia emissions in your locality and iii) wind direction. If your location sits on a 'Most suitable' square that is great news and your treebelt planting will help reduce effects of ammonia on nearby protected sites. Even if you plant a treebelt outside the most suitable squares, it will help capture ammonia emissions from sources of ammonia upwind of the planting location and improve overall air quality.

You can change your location by clicking on the map. The marker also gives information on ammonia concentration (data from the year 2019) at this location. The resolution of the ammonia concetration layer is 1Km2.


Your treebelt should be planted should be planted within 10-20m of the source to maximise capture of ammonia and downwind of the source of ammonia emissions e.g. a livestock shed/slurry store to be most effective at capturing ammonia.

The Windrose above shows the predominant directions that the wind is coming from at your location. A yellow segment shows the prevailing wind direction e.g. If the base of the yellow triangle is in the South West segment this indicates that the wind is most frequently coming from the South West and the treebelt should be planted to the North East of the ammonia source i.e. the opposite direction. Windroses are available for every 2km grid square in the UK cell and is created from five years of wind direction data from 2016-2021.

In the windrose above the prevalent wind direction is coming from the South West (as indicated by the arrow above), however the wind is also frequently coming from the West and the South East. In order to increase the protection of close by habitats in this example, trees in the East and Noth West can be also planted.

The bottom diagram below indicates the best area(s) to plant a treebelt for ammonia capture from the ammonia source (centre) and based on the prevailing wind direction. Where there are more than one dominant wind directions then a larger or more than one treebelt planted in an arc downwind of the source would be more effective.

Best treebelt location
Shed location
Prevalent wind direction